New Tour Announced!


This tour has been a long time coming, but the drought is finally over and it’s time to celebrate the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Launching 26 May 2019 after Good Beer Week.

Over the past 5 years, a plethora of breweries and craft beer inspired bars have opened. From the inspiring Two Birds Brewing, Hop Nation who love to push the boundaries, to the beast that is Colonial Brewing – there is definitely something for everyone (cliche but true!). But that’s only the breweries…

You can enjoy the sweet smells of smoked meats at Up in Smoke, sip on the latest beers (or wines) to hit the shelves at Hudson Road Beer & Wine and for the keen home brewer, you can pick up all the tricks of the trade at Grain & Grape.

It’s safe to say that living in the West, we’re biased, but we know you’re in for a good time! So…what are you waiting for – we’ve just launched Western Stars tour, the third addition in our “starry” tour series. Check it out for yourself.


‘Perfect Pairings’ – Good Beer Week

With Good Beer Week done and dusted for another year, we can’t help but reminisce about the incredible line up that 2017 brought. It’s one thing celebrating the vast array of craft beer on offer, but when you get the chance to collaborate with Melbourne’s finest foodies, it’s something we won’t be forgetting for a while!

‘Perfect Pairings’ was all about celebrating how well craft beer is matched with cheese, chocolate and coffee.  Together with 3 Ravens, Milk the Cow, Ganache Chocolate and Aviary Coffee, guests enjoyed 12 generous tastings during this 2 1/2 hour event.

We were lucky enough to have exclusive access to 3 Ravens Head Brewer Brendan O’Sullivan, Head Cheesemonger Laura Lown, Master Chocolatier Arno Barkes and Owner and Roaster at Aviary Coffee. An exclusive menu was developed to test the senses, tantalise the tastebuds and get everyone thinking about how these foods can enhance the flavour notes of each beer.

If you were lucky enough to attend this sold out session, you’d know that it’s not every day you get to taste the latest “Druid” by 3 Ravens, mixed with an Ethiopian coffee roast – this was a standout.  Each taste tester too home an exclusive ‘Perfect Pairings’ gift bag, including take home craft beer glass and gift from each venue.

If you missed out, here’s your chance to re-create these delicious pairings at home. Click here to see our ‘Perfect Pairings’.



Saison – A gateway beer.

I’ve never had a problem enjoying beer. Sure there have been some styles that have been confronting at first but it’s been a fairly smooth adjustment to appreciating what makes that style tick. I consider myself fortunate in that respect, however, others are not so lucky to have departed on their own never ceasing journey of discovery through the craft beer wonderland. Some are long set in their ways with their preferences and dislikes. There are those who are more than happy to stick with what they know and are perfectly content to remain in their comfort zone. There are also those who know there’s something worth trying with craft beer but have not developed the taste nor know where to start. One of the key goals at Ben’s Brew Tours is to assist in getting you started on your own journey of discovery.

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Winter Beer Warmers

With cold winds blowing through bare trees, rosey red cheeks peeking out from billowing scarves and hats, it’s safe to say winter is well and truly here. During these brisk days when the sky seemingly begins growing dim almost as soon as it has finished lightening, the usual pale ales, pilsners and lagers do not seem to satisfy the same way they usually do when the weather is fairer. Thankfully there are other options which can get you excited about the winter months and maybe even leave you longing for their return.

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