Beer of the Week


Mosaic IPA by Pirate Life

South Australia
7.0% abv.

The story of Mosaic is described perfectly by Pirate Life themselves and began before they ‘d even brewed their first beer. Read more here.

Debuting at their second birthday in March, this beer was previously only available on tap. Thankfully, it proved tremendously popular so it’s been granted a new lease of life and most importantly given the can treatment. I often worry when picking up an impressively designed can that the design is going to be better than the contents however, as is always the case with Pale Ales and IPA’s from pirate life, I needn’t have been concerned in the slightest. Aromas of candied fruit, berries and a light grassiness, waft up straight after pulling the tab. A triumphant showcase of mosaic hops balanced perfectly with the malt profile. Just the right amount of bitterness up front that gives way to fruitier sweetness. Even though it comes in a 500ml can, one is not enough!


Westvleteren 12 (XII)

10.2% abv.

This is a ‘Beer of the Week’ of epic proportions!

Arguably labelled the best beer in the world, this Trappist ale is so sought after that when it first exploded onto the scene following awarding it the title of Best Beer In The World, the street the abbey is located on couldn’t handle the traffic and had to be made one way shortly after!

Brewed by the monks of Sint-Sixtus, this most famous of their beers was first brewed around the beginning of World War II. Adding to the rarity and challenge of getting this beer direct from the brewery, there is only one phone line to call which is only manned on set dates and times. If you are one of the lucky few to get through and book in a time to collect, you’re limited on the amount you can purchase.

Whether you go in for the hype and aura that has grown up around this Belgian beauty, there can be little doubt that this is an incredible beer deserving to be ranked up there amongst the greats.

We picked ours up from Craft Cartel.


3 Ravens Juicy IPA

Thornbury, VIC
6.5% abv.

Released in 2016 at the same time as head brewer Brendan O’Sullivan’s birthday, this cloudy orange juice-like beer, is making a come back in can form.

3 Ravens have released some pretty punchy IPAs and this one is. To different. It’s a great example of a New England IPA with incredible hop “juiciness”. Think: orange juice in beer form!

Release date: head down to 3 Ravens Brewery, 1 Theobald Street, Thornbury this Saturday 3 June, to pick up some fresh from the canning line.


Mountain Goat Brewing – Japanese Cowboy – IPA

Richmond, VIC
7.0% abv.

I have to admit that I was one of the people who felt a pang of disappointment upon hearing of Mountain Goats‘ sale to Asahi. I decided at that moment that no more Mountain Goat shall pass these lips and with a last wistful look at a lone can of fancy pants in my fridge, I closed the door on a chapter of my beer drinking life.

Thankfully, I’m easily swayed by the possibility of a good beer so my vow was broken and a Mountain Goat was procured. What a delight, dangerously well balanced for a beer pushing 7%! Smooth malt with a strong hop bite, just in the right place. Now to swear off the Goat again… till the next time!


Two Metre Tall – Soured Wild Plum Ale

6.4% abv.

An oak aged Lambic style ale.

When I first tasted a Lambic style beer I didn’t get it at all. From memory I may have even reeled back from the shock of a flavour profile I simply wasn’t expecting, nor were my taste buds prepared for. Thankfully that first encounter wasn’t my last, because if it had been I’d never have paid much attention to this beer of the week.

Simply put, it’s amazing. The balance and complexity of this beer is fantastic, every mouthful delivers something extra to notice from the last one. Beers from this brewery are small batch and infrequently available at bottle stores, so when you do see one make sure you snap it up.


Garage Project & Modern Times – Whizz Bang – Hop Rocket IPA

6.2% abv.

The perfect beer to kick-start 2016’s Beer of the Week with! And, how fitting that NZ has only just celebrated Waitangi Day this past weekend.   

The great guys from Garage Project have teamed up with their friends from San Diego, Modern Times Beer, to bring us this incredible ‘Whizz Bang’ of a beer. Unsurprisingly, the can itself is another work of art, something we have come to expect from Garage Project. We have also come to expect exceedingly good beer to come from those outstandingly designed cans and this one is no exception.

The side of the can states it’s a hop rocket IPA which it lives up to it, with aggressive hop characteristics but in such a well crafted balanced way. This Beer more than delivers what it says it will.


Two Birds Brewing – Bantam – IPA

4.7% abv.

There’s something about this beer I find suits a more upper class atmosphere. The flavour profile shows restrained elegance, where nothing is too over the top yet provides more than enough sweet malt and hop bitterness to reassure you are in fact drinking an IPA. Tropical fruit and fruit salad give way to a gentle rolling bitterness that leaves you wanting more and with a lower ABV than usual for an IPA it’s easy to have more. When I sit back with this sophisticated beverage I feel as though this would be the drink of choice for Mr Bond should he choose an IPA over a Martini sometime. Agitated not still!
Two Birds Brewing – Bantam IPA.


Pirate Life Brewing – Throwback – IPA

South Australia
3.5% abv

Sometimes I have to admit I’m not as clever as I like to think I am. When I first saw an episode of Family Guy I thought it was the most unfunny, boring show I had ever seen. I avoided it for over a year, until finally sitting down to give it another shot. As if a switch had been flicked, I found it hilarious!
What I realised was that the first time around I’d missed the point of it all. It’s the same with this week’s beer of the week. I first tried it when it had recently been released and it didn’t impress me, I just didn’t get what it was about. I avoided it for a while until finally I thought I’d give it another go.
I opened a can while relaxing on a hot Saturday afternoon and it finally made complete sense to me. It’s that perfect beer for when you want to have something with decent IPA flavour without the usual high alcohol content that comes with it. I may be a little late on the Pirate Life bandwagon but boy am I a convert!


Tuatara Brewing – Outrigger – Pacific Pale Ale

New Zealand
4.5% abv.

It’s quite an experience simply opening a carton of Tuatara beers.
First there’s the impressive heavy duty cardboard to ensure lightstrike isn’t even remotely an issue. When you do fold back the cardboard flaps you’re immediately entranced by a dozen lizard eyed bottle tops staring up as if to ask the question, ‘why haven’t you cracked one open yet’? Then there’s those beautiful lizard skin inspired bottles which I never get tired of holding. When theatrics like these are pulled off correctly as it has been in this case, it adds excellently to the overall enjoyment.
The beer pours clear and beautifully pale, releasing an array of tropical, spicy aromas. The taste doesn’t disappoint either, with delicious passionfruit, pineapple and mango flavours from Aussie galaxy hops. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I also get a really enticing peppery spice from this one as well.
Perfect for a hot Antipodean summer’s day.


Boatrocker Brewery Miss Pinky

3.4% abv.

In the words of Boatrocker BreweryDon’t just rock the boat, Tip it over!

And they don’t disappoint. My wife and I have been waiting a while for this beauty to return to Boatrocker and we cannot get enough. Available only at their barrel room open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the journey out to Braeside (for those living in the North) is well worth the drive.

Unveiled at the Gala Showcase in March this year, the moment I tasted Miss Pinky, I knew it was special. At a modest 3.4% abv, the 100 kg of raspberries provides a refreshingly tart flavour that combines perfectly with that  familiar ‘Berliner Weisse’ style; perfect for summer.

Don’t be shy, give her a try!